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Camrun Culture

Core: Take Conception Innovation as Forerunner, Strategy Innovation as Direction, Organization Innovation as Guarantee.

Management Ideas : Building harmony , Pursuing Fine Move people with ture feelings ,Reman people with career

Quatlity Policy: Improve quality , Improve efficiency

Company Tenet : Its duty to customers satisfied and devote to social

Talent Idears : The personahood is firstly ,promotes unceasingly

Learning Ideas : Self-surmounting , life-long studying

Service Philosophy : Surmounting customer’s expectation 锛孌one well

Corporate spirit : Honesty ; Equality ; Responsibility ; Pleasure ; Devotion ; Well- win

Work style : Mutual enhancement ; Friendly cooperation ;Mutual appreciation ; Mutual Surpont

Staff standard of Conduct Loyalty銆並isciolined 銆丳rofession銆丄ggressiveness , Entusiam for work,enjoy your life

Business Philosophy :

Elaboration produce excellency

Responsibility creat brilliant

Comunication achive cooperation

Continus for the customers creation bigger efficient performance

Policy :

Carry out the efficient operation , cooperation & sharing , continous improvement , diligence & stability ,Team harmony

Objective :


Be eamest and dare to challenge , adpt to the trend of the times , keep self-improvement ,Obtain power from competition, strive to be an international large enterprise , and great undertakeing .


Core value :

Excellent products for the customers ,Harmonious life of world person.

Career development is the achievement of employee valve

Exellent products is the expression of brand valve

Markets demand is the manifestation of corporate valve

Customer growth is the pursuit for our valve

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